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V.G. Archives Doll Uniform Collection

Maud Sorby, Graduation Portrait 1897: V.G.H. School
Public Archives of Nova Scotia Collection: War Nurses Recruitment Poster

History of the

Nurses Uniform

An Evolving Profession

Margaret E. McKenzie
Victoria General Nursing Class Portrait, 1974

Gendered Labour and

Social Change

Canada's third oldest and Atlantic Canada's largest Nursing School, the Victoria General School of Nursing has graduated over 5000 nurses from 1892 to 1995. Over the course of more than 100 years, the nursing uniforms changed significantly reflecting educational, political and social changes in the profession. 


In viewing V.G. hospital nursing uniforms over time one can imagine them as a functioning cell within the larger organ that is the V.G. hospital managed by the medical profession's evolving standards, largely guided by the organism made up of political and social structures of the day.



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